After obtaining a master’s degree in Literature, Medelia worked as an independent writer for several years, performing jobs of all sorts: writing in assignment for companies, translating television shows, teaching language and many more before finally dipping her toe into the world of the screen. This started out with several crash courses, catching up on all the essentials while also writing her own screenplay.  Then, a lucky meeting with the show runner led to this amazing writing position at HOOD. 

As we all know, the topic of inclusivity is often and widely discussed within the screen industry, which doesn’t make it any less deserved. It’s refreshing to work on a show that stars so many three-dimensional, female leads. As the screen yearns for much more still, it always seems to move one step at a time, so we work hard to include as many lesser-represented characters as possible. She hopes HOOD will succeed in enriching the screen environment and is excited to get the chance to at  least pitch in her two cents and hopefully much, much more.

“It’s refreshing to work on a show that stars so many three-dimensional, diverse characters. In our current day and age when the world is in dire need of reharmonisation, I am proud to be part of this project that has the intention of contributing to exactly that.”

Deathbed watch: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Page-turner: anything by Angela Carter
Little known gem: ReGenesis
Guilty pleasure: any “cheesy” sitcom
Current addiction: Stranger Things