Hello! And welcome to Quivalon –

a new production company aiming to take over the world, one video at a time…!

Quivalon is a female-led multimedia production company producing off-kilter inclusive content featuring strong female characters. Consisting of a team of creatives from all around the world, we’re held together by wifi and dreams. Our team ranges in age from 20s to 50s, and includes award-winning writer/directors, published novelists, a film festival programmer, a part-time tattoo artist, an actor who was a Pointless answer, and a writer who was once reprimanded by the Speaker of the House of Commons.

So, though we may be new kids on the block as a company, between us we have lots of experience creating media across multiple platforms.

We are on a mission to seek out and promote daring new fantasy and science fiction material that has its feet firmly planted in the themes dearest to our hearts – raising climate change awareness, presenting fully realized, multi-faceted female characters, and promoting tolerance in all forms.


Our first collaboration is HOOD, an updated, alternate reality version of the Robin Hood legend. Forget Kevin Costner, forget Russell Crowe – if you really want someone to sort out the modern world, you need a woman wearing the iconic hood. But don’t mistake our Robyn for a flawless hero or our Sheriff for your average villain. After all, isn’t morality just a matter of perspective?

HOOD is packed with conflict, romance, and a splash of magic, infused with wealth inequality, climate change, and the inclusion of fully realised queer characters. This is truly a Robin Hood story for today. If there was ever a time for a hero to take from the rich and give to the poor… it’s now!

HOOD is our flagship project, but we also have a development slate of other projects initiated by members of the team.