In an England already ravaged by Climate Change, returning soldier Robyn Loxley must battle her demons – both personal and mystical – to save her people from the brutal, divided society controlled by King John and her estranged half-sister – the Sheriff of Nottingham and Marian’s new girlfriend.

Our flagship project HOOD is inspired by the well-known Robin Hood legend, but set in a contemporary, alternate world where magic exists and climate change has already caused catastrophic food shortages and social upheaval. The TV series at the centre of this multimedia project portrays morally grey, flawed characters, far removed from the old family-friendly archetypes. With a female Robyn, LGBTQ+ relationships, and topical issues of climate change and wealth inequality, this is a Robin Hood for the 21st century. After all, there’s never been a better time to take from the rich to give to the poor… FIND OUT MORE


An isolated and lonely man’s birthday wish to meet the love of his life seems answered when a woman falls out of mid-air. But, as they say, be careful what you wish for…

Falling is an experimental project in which we aim to explore the influence of genre on film storytelling. Sound design, camera angles, lighting, the way actors deliver a line – these are all elements that can change a scene drastically and are often dictated by the choice of genre. So we wanted to dive deeper into this. We didn’t go as far as using the exact same script – that’s another experiment for another day – but we are keeping as many factors consistent as we can: each script will start with the same premise, take place in the same location and use the same actors…. FIND OUT MORE


In post-WWII England, a clandestine order of supernatural artifact hunters needs the help of a notorious female thief to recover dangerous objects before their blood-thirsty rivals. The Order can help Mads unravel her mysterious past, but her ability to detect magic is the key to their future.

Curio is inspired by my years of study in anthropology and museum studies, specifically questions surrounding repatriation and the idea that anyone can “own” history. Though on its surface this series is a fun supernatural procedural, as time goes on it would challenge the process of identity formation through (real or imagined) shared history and colonialist collection practices over the centuries. The tone and style of CURIO dips into the oeuvre of the 1940s/1950s noir detective, both in daydreams played out on screen but also through the character arcs. FIND OUT MORE

Out of Character

Vanity muscles aren’t enough to protect an action heartthrob from a crazed fan, so his momager enlists an ex-MMA fighter who loves the single life to pose as his girlfriend.

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In the near future, a woman upgrades to a phone with the new AI Personal Assistant and it transforms her life.  But will she realise just how much before it’s too late.

In collaboration with Systir Productions, Quivalon presents AIPA. With applications like Siri and Alexa increasingly central to our everyday lives, and the internet of things already in place through smart home hubs and business applications, AIPA imagines a near future world where this kind of AI assistant has become indispensible. Playing on our collective anxieties about the development of AI, this story takes the idea of an AI personal assistant to its terrifying logical conclusion. FIND OUT MORE