In the Beginning…

The original Quivalon team first came together after the 2020 London Screenwriter’s Festival. At first, the main goal was to simulate the American-style writers room experience by working collaboratively on a single story, sharing feedback, and eventually writing entire seasons. Covid-19 made it impossible to do this in person, but creating a digital collaboration has allowed our female-led team to grow to include creatives from all over the world. 

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Our First Project: The World of HOOD

The original HOOD story has also grown and changed along with our team. In addition to the television series, the larger world of HOOD includes supporting transmedia content. So far, this entails podcasts, videos, an ever-growing wiki site to explore the world and characters in more depth. At Quivalon, we love this transmedia approach because it allows us to tell more, different stories than if we have to stay in just one lane. It also pushes us creatively and allows us to try new things within our limited budget, as well as reach potential fans through a variety of channels. 

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The Future of Quivalon

Though HOOD has been our main focus to date, we also have an eye to the future. We are on a mission to seek out and promote daring new fantasy and science fiction material that has its feet firmly planted in the themes dearest to our hearts – raising climate change awareness, presenting full realized, multi-faceted female characters, and promoting tolerance in all forms. The long-term goal is to donate 20% of our profits to promote these ideals, 10% to climate change programs and 10% to helping underrepresented artists share their unique voices with the world.   


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