In the Beginning…

The original Quivalon team first came to be in the summer of 2020 in the most zeitgeist of ways – via Zoom during a pandemic. After working on the HOOD script for five years in between paying jobs, Dutch creator Anne de Korte found a group of like-minded screenwriters during the London Screenwriters Festival to attempt this adventure with her. At first, the main goal was to simulate the American-style writers room experience by working collaboratively on a single story, sharing feedback and writing episodes. But thanks to everyone’s creativity, the project grew into the multimedia, multi-faceted story it is today.

The Team

Quivalon is a female-led team of creatives from all around the world, held together by wifi and dreams. Our team ranges in age from 20s to 50s, and includes award-winning writer/directors, published novelists, a film festival programmer, a part-time tattoo artist, an actor who was a Pointless answer, and a writer who was once reprimanded by the Speaker of the House of Commons.

Starting out with five writers, the team has now expanded to include fantastic creatives from various disciplines and nationalities. With a core team of 18 strong and an extra pool of over 30 cast, crew and creatives for shoots and recordings, Quivalon is growing into a big family. You can meet all of our amazing team members on the Team page and click on photos for more information.

Our Vision

First and foremost we want to entertain. We are the biggest fans of our own stories and we would binge watch the $h!t out of them. We love to explore all things off-kilter, and whether it’s historical, fantastical or sci-fictional, you’ll find that most of our tales are based in worlds unlike our own. But the main thing defining our stories are our strong female characters (often leads). We feel strongly about the need for more stories depicting well-rounded, fully realised female characters that can’t be simply categorised as the whore, saint or damsel in distress. Their personalities can equal their male counterparts without losing their femininity. 

Aside from entertaining, we don’t shy away from working relevant themes into our stories. We feel very strongly about the climate change issue currently encroaching on everyone’s day to day life, and if we can even create one positive change through the tales we tell, we’d be happy. Another pillar of Quivalon is inclusivity – no one should be made to feel less for the colour of their skin, for loving who they love or for being who they are.  

We’re not only enacting these values in our projects, but also in the way we work. We endeavour to keep our footprint as small as possible and we invite people from all walks of life to come work with us. The only thing that matters is talent!

The Future of Quivalon

Though HOOD has been our main focus to date, we also have an eye to the future. We are on a mission to seek out and It’s still early days for Quivalon, but we have big plans! Once we become profitable we intend to give back. We plan to donate 10% of our profits to charities and projects dealing with climate change and another 10% will be returned back to the arts community. We know how difficult it is to get that first project off the ground and earn a foot in the door and want to help new emerging talent with their first steps.