Quivalon is creating a multimedia, modern-day retelling of the Robin Hood legend, set in a parallel world where Robyn is female, magic exists, and the world has already suffered the effects of advanced climate change. At the centre is a TV series, around which the story world will be developed through podcasts, novels, short films, and a wiki site. 

We are also working on an experimental short film project which will see five writers from our team interpret the same basic premise, with the same location and core cast, each in a different genre, to create five related shorts. We aim to go to set over the summer and then spend the autumn in post-production.

At present, this is a crowdfunded, collaborative project, with the aim of creating awareness and growing the project to attract interest from production companies who can help us take our vision further.  Work by all members of the Quivalon team is done on a deferred payment basis, meaning that pay is not guaranteed unless we secure enough funding. We are looking for people who believe in this project and want to use it as an opportunity to sharpen their skills and learn new ones. 

Are you interested but don’t have the time to commit several hours on a regular basis? Does helping out for a couple of weeks, like during shooting or in post-production, sound like something you would be up for? Please also reach out to us – we’re keen to hear from you. Depending on realised budgets, we can also hire on a freelance basis.

We’re looking for costume designers to work with us to create bespoke outfits for the main characters of HOOD. Think near-future meets mediaeval to create something fresh and new – with a few fantastical elements thrown in when needed. We’re looking for help with the entire process, from creating designs, to patterning and eventually putting the costumes together. You can either be involved in the whole process or pick a stage. FIND OUT MORE

We are looking for illustrators to bring our World of HOOD to life visually. This can include creating (digital) drawings for our wiki-articles, translating story into storyboards and/or generating visuals to explore the world for our worldbuilding videos. You can either be skilled at drawing and painting on paper, using digital programs like Photoshop or Krita, or go all out with 3D creations in software like Unreal Engine. Hours depend on the candidate’s schedule and the needs of the project. FIND OUT MORE

The main purpose of this role is to take weight off the shoulders of the producers and help them with the pre-production, production and post-production of several projects, both remote as well as on set. We are looking for candidates who can demonstrate great time management skills, have good social skills and show initiative. Preferably, you live in the Greater London area and know your way around editing software. Hours depend on the candidate’s schedule, but are at least 10 hours a week. FIND OUT MORE

We are looking for a Marketing Specialist who can help us develop a strategy to market our project and find both funding and a following. Your main focus will be to create content for our social media platforms and keep them up to date to increase our following. We’re looking for an independent worker, fluent in English and with great affiliation with Social media. Hours depend on the candidate’s schedule and the needs of the project, but are at most 10 hours a week. FIND OUT MORE


Not a match with on of the listed vacancies, but feel like you have something to offer to our team? Not to worry – there’s bound to be something we haven’t thought of and we’re always interested in getting to know writers, editors and other creatives! You don’t have to be a seasoned professional, starters are welcome too: we’re always on the look out for people with an eagerness to learn new skills. Fill out the contact form with some information about yourself (max 250 words), and tell us what you can bring to the team. We’ll get back to you asap. If nothing else, you might make some new friends!