Forget Kevin Costner, forget Russell Crowe – if you really want someone to sort out the modern world, you need a woman wearing the iconic hood. But don’t mistake our Robyn for a flawless hero or our Sheriff for your average villain. After all, isn’t morality just a matter of perspective?

HOOD is packed with conflict, romance, and a splash of magic, infused with wealth inequality, climate change, and the inclusion of fully realised queer characters. This is truly a Robin Hood story for today. If there was ever a time for a hero to take from the rich and give the poor… it’s now!  


Remote / London
Max 20 hours/week
As soon as possible

“Nottingham’s golden girl returns from war bearing the enhanced seeds that could save her famine-stricken homeland. Thwarted by a cruel regime and tormented by guilt, she’ll do anything to save her people, even risk unleashing an entity that could destroy them all.”

Created by an international, women-led team, HOOD has great ambitions with a whole world built around the story and characters. We’re now working on a slate of exciting plans to move the project forward, and attract investors and producers.

We have the script, we have the actors, we are now searching for additional crew – and that means you!

What we’re looking for

We’re looking for costume designers to work with us to create bespoke outfits for the main characters. Think near-future meets mediaeval to create something fresh and new – with a few fantastical elements thrown in when needed.

You get to be involved from the start and you will have the opportunity to help create the look of this show from scratch! We’re looking for help with the entire process, from creating designs, to patterning and eventually putting the costumes together. You can either be involved in the whole process or pick a stage.

Quivalon is made up of passionate creatives who are all volunteering their time to bring this project to life – which means this role is unpaid (for now). However, we will cover any expenses and of course provide all materials. You can add designs and pictures to your portfolio, and you will be credited on our websites and socials for your work. The majority of the work will be from home as we are an international company and generally work online. 

For a quick overview of the project you can visit; and if you want to dive all-in, then check out the full project website at

Contact details

If you are you are interested in this role, please write a short paragraph (max. 150 words) on why you are drawn to this project, and send it together with your portfolio to In the subject line, please mention the position you’re applying for, your first name, and surname. (e.g. “Costume Designer – Jane Doe”).

(We are not officially a Disability-Confident employer, but we make sure to be disability-friendly, so please contact us about reasonable adjustments. We are very receptive to particularised needs and our team already includes disabled creators among its members.)