Quivalon is creating a multimedia, modern-day retelling of the Robin Hood legend, set in a parallel world where Robyn is female, magic exists, and the world has already suffered the effects of advanced climate change. At the centre is a TV series, around which the story world will be developed through podcasts, novels, short films, and a wiki site. 

At the centre is a TV series, around which the story world will be developed through podcasts, novels, short films, and a wiki site. 


Greater London
Min 10 hours/week
As soon as possible


At present, this is a crowdfunded, collaborative project, with the aim of creating awareness and growing the project to attract interest from production companies who can help us take our vision further. Work by all members of the Quivalon team is done on a deferred-payment basis, meaning that pay is not guaranteed unless we secure enough funding. We are looking for people who believe in this project and want to use it as an opportunity to sharpen their skills and learn new ones. 

Applicants for all positions are encouraged to explore to understand the story and scope of Quivalon’s efforts before applying.

Required skill set

The main purpose of this role is to take weight off the shoulders of the showrunner and help her with the pre-production, production and post-production of several HOOD projects, both remote as well as on set.

We are looking for candidates who:

  • can manage their time effectively, working on several tasks on a tight schedule;
  • have good social skills which they can put to use adapting to different people and situations;
  • can use their initiative and work well on their own;
  • live in the Greater London area;
  • it would be a bonus if you also have editing skills.

Candidates will work remotely most of the time and should have a good WiFi connection and be able to work flexible hours. Hours will vary by week and depend on the candidate’s availability but they must be available for weekly production meetings (Tuesday mornings at 10AM BST – there is flexibility to move this to a different day & time). You’ll be required to work to deadlines which we will set together.

Contact details

If you are interested in this role, please write a short paragraph (max. 150 words) on why you feel you would be suitable for this job, and send it to In the subject line, please mention the position you’re applying for, your first and surname. (e.g. “Production Assistant – Jane Doe”). 

(We are not officially a Disability-Confident employer, but we make sure to be disability-friendly, so please contact us about reasonable adjustments. We are very receptive to particularised needs and our team already includes disabled creators among its members.)