Enrico “il picaro” Cerretti

Enrico is a composer, producer, and clarinetist from Rome, Italy. He started out playing jazz at 13 and when he was 18 he got a chance to play with a few members of the original Benny Goodman band.

At 19, Enrico was awarded a scholarship for the Berklee College of Music in Boston, and upon graduation at 23. He moved to Los Angeles where he started composing, producing and playing on countless projects, including independent films, TV, multimedia, discography, and live performances.

After having lived in the USA for nine years, Enrico moved back to Italy in 2003, where he continues working mainly as a composer/producer and freelance clarinetist. Over the past twenty-five years his music has been played in more than thirty countries, spanning four continents. Some of the companies that regularly use his music are: Warner Bros., Rai, Universal Music Group, MTV, CNN, BBC, Fonovisa, Telemundo, to name just a few.

In 2006 a track of his was used for the trailer of the movie Paradise Now, which won a Golden Globe award and was Oscar nominated.

For Quivalon

For the project HOOD Enrico is composing the soundtrack, and occasionally sound designing new sounds from scratch, to give the project a more unique and personal feel.

I love being part of a project that has so much potential to become a big hit, and I also like the fact that it’s an international venture with many talents from different parts of the world.

All my life I’ve always been big on teamwork, as I believe nothing really great ever happens by locking up in a room all by myself.

Enrico on HOOD

Enrico’s Favourites

DEATHBED WATCH: The Blues Brothers
PAGE-TURNER: Anything by Charles Bukowski
LITTLE KNOWN GEM: The last of the blue devils – great documentary on the early jazz scene of the Southwest
GUILTY PLEASURE: Binge listening to vinyl on my vintage sound system 
CURRENT ADDICTION: Browsing street markets for used clothes and vintage outfits – great for live performances!