Alison hails from the frigid north (AKA Minnesota) where she spent her formative years playing soccer and acting on stage. SheStephen was born in Southeast England and mostly brought up in a town full of retired colonels. His early memories largely consist of running around building sites and being able to spell ‘colonel’ at an unusually early age. Like most people of that age, he took to making up imaginary friends. 

Unlike most people, he never quite stopped, has been writing about them in one form or another ever since, and is now the author of more than twenty novels covering fantasy (which he writes under his own name and as Nathan Hawke), crime (as SK Sharp), science fiction (as Sam Peters, or as Gavin Deas when co-authoring with notorious SF bad boy Gavin Smith) and historical fiction (as SJ Deas). 

Aside from writing books, Stephen has, at various times, been obsessed with mathematics, classical piano music, kung-fu, particle physics and Sid Meier’s Civilisation (the original). Anything that explodes is fascinating, rockets are irresistible, but those are genetic things and thus Not Stephen’s Fault. The first time he went on holiday abroad, a war broke out. Also, he would like you to not tell the bomb-squad where he lives. Once was enough.

Stephen now lives in a different part of South-east England with his wife and two boys where he continues to pretend to be other people, most frequently A Responsible Parent(TM).

As well as his novel works and desperately trying to convince Netflix that what it really needs is a show centred on Irene Adler.

For Quivalon

Stephen has been collaborating Hood in one way or another since almost its inception in about 320BC. His primary contributions are as the author of King John Fitzwalter in the novelisation, complaining that everything is too complicated, and sundry taxi services.

“I’ve seen HOOD develop for almost seven years now, and it still feels as fresh as ever. It takes a familiar legend, turns it post-apocalyptic, and both the heroes and villains are coins with two sides. What really holds my attention, though – and has held it for seven years – is the boldness of the world-building and the storytelling. Every few episodes, another curve ball comes, completely unexpected, and yet seamlessly part of the world.”

Stephen on HOOD

Stephen’s Favourites

DDEATHBED WATCH: Nope. I’d be writing. Probably dying mid-sentence.
PAGE-TURNER: Neal Stephenson’s Baroque Cycle… Ok, maybe not a page turner, exactly, but one of my favourite writers. Mick Herron’s Slow Horses, maybe. Elizabeth Moon: The Sheepfarmer’s Daughter.
GUILTY PLEASURE: Cheap-ass 80’s Hong Kong Wushu flicks. Mr Vampire, The Butterfly Murders, Zu Warriors of the Magic Mountain. Anyone who’s been watching Kingdom on Netflix, you need to say hello to these movies.
CURRENT ADDICTION: Warriors. Imagine Game of Thrones relocated to 1870s San Francisco’s Chinatown and written by Bruce Lee.

Twitter: @stephendeas