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What’s New in 2022?

The character introduction videos and Clash of the Cousins podcast were just the beginning! The Quivalon team has lots of exciting things in the works for this year.

Nottingham News videos – Spring and Fall 2022

Once a week, you’ll get an update on the breaking news and hot goss happening in Robyn’s Nottingham. Status: Post-production

Outlaw Radio podcast/videos – Spring and Fall 2022

The “official story” is far from the whole truth, so Will Scarlett and fellow rebel Bucky will also be adding counterpoints and sharing what life is like in the Outer Circle. Status: Production

NAME TBD audio drama – Release TBD

It’s a long road from the Promised Land to Nottingham. Join Robyn and Ewan for some of their adventures on the road and dive deeper into the world outside of the Anglia Isle. Status: Writing

Wiki articles – New articles added throughout 2022

We have already created over 100 articles about the world of our story, but there’s more to come! Get to know more of the characters surrounding Robyn, find out about the founding of Nottingham, and more. Status: on-going

World of HOOD videos – Date TBD 

We’ve got our talented animators hard at work to create fun and informative videos about the world of our story. You’ll get to find out more about the history, magic, and society that underpins the events in HOOD. Status: pre-production

Our next shoot – campaign and shooting dates TBD

You’ve met the characters, now see them in action! We’ll be running a new Kickstarter campaign this year to finance shooting full scenes between our characters. If funded, the supercut we’ll create will help us pitch to talent and production companies and get us one step closer to making the HOOD television series. Status: writing and pre-production

The Return of Robyn novel – TBD

Multiple writers on the Quivalon team have been hard at work creating the story that covers the proposed first season of the HOOD television series. We haven’t determined yet if we are going to publish it through a publishing house or on our own, but we’ll be sure you keep you updated when we know more. Status: writing and revising

World of HOOD e-newsletter – Date TBD

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