Building the World of HOOD Part 2: Had We But World Enough And Time…

Written by Stephen Goss It should come as no surprise that when you change eight centuries of history and add some magic to taste, you’re going to have to do a lot of worldbuilding. And that’s on top of what Anne had already built before I joined the project. But it was the decision to produce HOOD independently that meant that we, the incoming creative team, had to reckon with fleshing out that world (yes, that is a pun if you know your Hycathic lore!) I could take you on a full, no-holds-barred tour of the worldbuilders’ yard, but I…


Building the World of HOOD: Part 1

Written by Anne de Korte Every story needs a setting. Every character needs a home. Every conflict needs a history. Aside from intriguing characters and a compelling narrative, every story needs a third component: an incredible world. Even if you stick with a modern-day backdrop, it’s gonna massively influence the story if you choose to set it in high society instead of a crumbling estate. In some stories, it even becomes so important that the world becomes a character of its own. What is Batman without Gotham? Only Murders in the Building without the Arconia? Or The Last of Us…


The Story Of A Team, A Story All Of It Mine

Written by Stephen Goss It’s May 2020. I’m roughly two-thirds of the way through a diploma at London Film Academy (LFA) and we’re firmly into lockdown. I either remember or trip across this festival that my tutors mentioned on and off, and discover that it’s gone online and will be starting in a few days. Three weeks of talks and networking for just £60. I sign up. In an alternate universe where COVID-19 never stopped the world in its tracks, I would have missed that festival – the London Screenwriters’ Festival (LSF) – by a couple of weeks. I’m a…


Once Upon a Time…. The Beginning of HOOD

Every story has a beginning. And the story of HOOD started in 2015 during my studies in London. Six months before, I had uprooted my whole life in the Netherlands to follow my passion and not spend the remainder of my life thinking “what if?” (Which, ironically, is one of the most asked questions when you’re trying to figure out story and plots, so I didn’t really escape that :P.) So I moved, enrolled in a two-year Master's degree for Screenwriting at University of Arts London.  One day I found myself thinking of my final project and I thought, why…


What is Transmedia? (And Why we Think It’s Awesome)

“Transmedia” is an industry term for stories that transcend just one type of media – be it videos, podcasts, or written fiction. Even though HOOD began its life as a TV pilot, it has grown into so much more with the help of our fabulous team of creatives. But why did we decide to take this approach? To Tell Better and Different Stories Different types of media lend themselves to different modes of storytelling. If the inner thoughts of a character are key, then written fiction is best equipped to handle it. When you want to absorb an audience in…


What’s New in 2022?

The character introduction videos and Clash of the Cousins podcast were just the beginning! The Quivalon team has lots of exciting things in the works for this year. Nottingham News videos – Spring and Fall 2022 Once a week, you’ll get an update on the breaking news and hot goss happening in Robyn’s Nottingham. Status: Post-production Outlaw Radio podcast/videos – Spring and Fall 2022 The “official story” is far from the whole truth, so Will Scarlett and fellow rebel Bucky will also be adding counterpoints and sharing what life is like in the Outer Circle. Status: Production NAME TBD audio drama…


Character Posters

During our promo reel shoot, we got to see our seven main characters come to life. Check out this gallery of all seven of fabulous actors in their full character glory. Photos of Robyn and Philippa by Ana Parvu Photos of Will, Alana, Fitzwalter, Ewan, and Marian by Daniel D. Moses


The HOOD Sizzle Reel Campaign Has Begun!

Quivalon is a collaborative enterprise made up of creative professionals that spans continents and multiple media. We're running a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to shoot a "sizzle reel" to introduce our characters and world, as well as spark interest in creating our television show.

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The HOOD Sizzle Reel Campaign Begins June 8!

What’s a “sizzle reel” you ask? It’s like a visual proof of concept for the characters and world of HOOD. With your help, we’ll raise money to shoot a series of 30-second scenes about the seven major characters, and then use that footage to create promotional materials for the series and all of our other amazing projects. This is an important first step to bring the world of HOOD to life.  We aren’t asking for much - just enough to pay our cast and crew for their time and talent. If we surpass our initial goal, we’ve also got some…

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